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Some weeks ago I was asked by garden bloggers Alexandra Campbell and Amicia de Moubray, if I would do a couple of photography tutorials for them, so they could improve their skills with their cameras and take better garden photos for their respective blogs.

After mulling over our camera manuals, graphs and colour charts indoors with a coffee or a delicious bowl of soup, we would venture out into the winter sunshine to do some photos, or try our hands at some stillife techniques indoors. Afterward we would evaluate our work, and find out how useful mistakes are to learn how to do it correctly.

I hope Amicia and Alexandra took away some helpful hints on sometimes difficult and complex technical jargon; but more so the notion, that taking a photograph is more than just pointing your camera at a beautiful plant or landscape, but to stop and see and capture the essence of how light reflects off an object and makes a pleasing image.

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Here is a link to an interesting blog post about one of the topics of our tutorials “How to photograph Snowdrops” The Middle Sized Garden Blog

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