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I have worked in photography for over 25 years, it is both my profession and my passion. My first taste of earning money from photography was as a freelance photographer for various German and British news publications during my student days. During this time I also had a wonderful placement at the National Theatre London photographing rehearsals and productions, and I was lucky enough to win a bursary from Agfa Film (sounds very vintage) to pursue my interest in experimental and abstract photography. (Those were the days, when darkrooms and smelly chemicals got your creative juices flowing.)

Following completion of a degree in Photography, TV and Film I worked for many years for various photo agencies and libraries as technical consultant and photographer.

My commercial work is still represented by some of the major agencies worldwide (Getty Images, istockphoto and alamy), and my commisioned work nowadays is mainly weddings and portraits.

However one of my favourite pass times is photographing nature. I am also a keen gardener, and have been fortunate to have worked in beautiful public, private and community gardens over the years.

I have also collaberated with some local garden experts, garden designer Posy Gentles, columnist Sarah Langton-Lockton of The Lady Magazine, and writer and garden blogger Alexandra Campbell who all really got me hooked to pursue this more seriously, to learn more about plants and gardens and how to best capture them in photos.


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